AIM: How do Scientists apply the Scientific Method?
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DO NOW #1: List 5 to 6 Scientific method Steps
DO NOW#2: Which order is the correct order for scientific method steps
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Theory: an explanation of how things work, can be repeatedly tested within the Scientific method using observation, measurement, and evaluation of results.

Bean sprout: the sprouting seeds of certain beans, used in Asian cooking.

Hypothesis: An Educated guess ( a Cause-Effect statement, written in the format (If ..... then.....)

Drawing a conclusion: Stating the final results and solutions to the investigate problem or question
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Watch the Brainpop video and answer the Quiz questions below
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1. Which independent variable was used by Tim and Moby in their experiment with the fig plant? *
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2. Which dependent variable did Tim and Moby measured in their experiment with the fig plant? *
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3. Which control variables did Tim and Moby KEEP the same during the experiment with the fig plant? *
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4. What's the difference between a hypothesis and a theory? *
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5. Place the following steps in sequence: A) Recognizing a problem; B) Testing a hypothesis; C) Drawing inferences *
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6. In the phrase, "The scientific method is an analytic process for determining why things happen," what's the best synonym for "analytic?" *
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7. What must you do before you make a hypothesis? *
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8. If you were running an experiment to determine the temperature at which beans sprout the fastest, what would be the variable? *
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9. You should run an experiment several times to make sure your results are consistent. In the preceding phrase, what does "consistent" mean? *
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10. What might cause a theory to change over time? *
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11. Evolution is one example of a theory. From what you know about the scientific method, what can you conclude about this biological theory? *
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12. Which of the following is a testable hypothesis? *
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13. What happens if you test a hypothesis multiple times and the data doesn't support your prediction? *
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Exit Ticket: List 2 things you learned from watching the Brainpop video one question you still have about the “Scientific Method” *
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