Drag'n Financial Aid Request Form

Drag'n Thrust's Financial Aid is for anyone who needs it, no questions asked.

Ideally, this is targeted toward historically underrepresented people, and/or those struggling financially. It does not discriminate on any basis of race, gender identity, sexuality, citizenship status or nationality, age, appearance, physical ability, religious identity, cultural identity, or socioeconomic status.

Financial aid on Drag'n Thrust comes from:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Alumni donations
  • Current team member donations
  • Leftover funds from previous seasons
  • Team and tryout dues
  • Tournament winnings
  • Sponsorship donations
If you are receiving financial aid, leadership would encourage you to give back to the team in a non-monetary way, some options include doing Drag'n Favors-- a compiled list of favors current and previous Drag'ns need done for monetary compensation which will be placed in the financial aid fund pool. Another option to give back to the team is to work on one or more of the various team committees, particularly the fundraising, finance, travel, and/or equity committees during the season.

The following are the approximate costs to play a season with Drag’n Thrust. These costs include tournament bid fees, hotel costs, rental car costs, and gas costs. This does not include travel costs for flying to tournaments as necessary.  Flights for the season can vary greatly, but typically range from $500 - $1000 for the season: 

Late July Team Dues 1 $200 Covers:

  • 7/9-7/10 Local Tournament ~$115
  • 8/5-8/7 US Open ~$90

Late September Team Dues 2 $400 Covers:

  • 9/3-9/5 Pro Championships ~$155
  • 9/10-9/11 Sectionals ~$20
  • 9/24-9/25 Regionals ~$115

Early November Team Dues 3 ~$500 Covers:

  • 10/20-10/24 Nationals ~$485
  • Practice field rentals for the season ~$70

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