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The Basics
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Tell us a little bit more about why you want to work at Project Ember. If you are including project example documentation, you may also upload additional photos/documents here.
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Skills and Abilities - What You Bring to Camp
We are looking for a wide variety of skills and don't expect anyone to have them all.

The questions below will help us understand how you will fit in the ongoing puzzle of creating rock solid summer staff that will have the skills needed to meet our campers needs. Some people will bring more kid skills, others more tools and making skills. Some will be much more eager to work with older kids, and others will only want to work with our youngest population.

Don't get intimidated by the boxes you don't check, get excited about the boxes you can check!

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Childcare and Group Management Skills
Specific Making Skills
Other Skills
We accept three kinds of references.
1. Professional - Current/Former managers, co-workers or direct reports. If you don't have professional references yet, we will accept two personal references
2. Personal - Coaches, pastors, volunteer coordinators, etc.
3. Familial - This can be a relative (parent, older sibling, etc), or someone who plays a familial role in your life (close mentor, aunt/uncle figure, guardian, etc).

Please include each reference's Name, Phone Number, Email Address and how they know you.

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