Hineuru Wānanga Reo
Event Date: Friday 5th April - Sunday 7th April 2019
Event Venue: Te Hāroto Marae
Contact us at: info@ngatihineuru.com
Kaiwhakaako: Nanny Connie, Janice Kahukiwa, Mana Hazel, Paora Crawford Jnr, Tai Ahu and Te Rangihau Gilbert

Friday 5th:
• 7:00pm: Whakatau
• 7:30pm: Supper
• 8:00pm: Waiata
• 9:00pm: Karakia Whakamutunga, wā moe

Sat 6th:
• 7.30am: Parakuihi
• 8.00am: Whakareri mo te ra
• 8.30am: Wānanga
• 10.15pm: Kapu Ti
• 10.30am: Wānanga
• 12.30pm: Tina.... (Wa paku whakataa)
• 1.00pm: Wānanga
• 3.00pm: Kapu Ti
• 3.15pm: Wānanga
• 5.15pm: Hākari.... (Wa paku whakataa)
• 7.00pm: Whakangahau,
• 8.30pm: Hapa
• 10.00pm: Hoki ki te moe

Sun 7th:
• 8.00am: Parakuihi
• 9.00am: Whakapai marae
• 10.00am: Karakia, Poroporoaki

*Please note that the programme is subject to change.

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