St. Columba Religious Education 2017-2018 Registration
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HANDBOOK: Welcome to St. Columba Religious Education On-Line Registration. Before you begin, you must read the Religious Education Handbook. After reading the Handbook, it could take about 10 minutes, depending on how many children you are registering, to complete the registration process. (If you are not yet parishioners and need to complete the Parish Registration Form it will take additional time.) YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FORM AND SUBMIT IN ORDER FOR THE FORM TO BE RECORDED. A tuition payment is required to process your registration.
Saint Columba Religious Education Handbook: I have read the Handbook and agree to abide by its directives. (Agreement is required to enroll students in our program.) *
I have read the Media Release Form on the last page of the Handbook: You must select YES to indicate that you have read it. *
MEDIA RELEASE CONSENT: Having read the Media Release in the Parent Handbook, I grant permission for photographs of my child to be taken in relation to activities and celebrations at Saint Columba with the understanding that my child's name will never be published without expressed legal parental or guardian permission. *
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