Industry Mentor Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in becoming a CompuPower industry mentor!

Why become a CompuPower Industry Mentor?
*Support students as they become techno-social change agents and impact community issues important to them.
*Guide students as they develop their personal talents and skills and match them to STEM fields.
*Become a part of the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) and CompuPower community.

What makes a great CompuPower Mentor?
*Desire to work alongside young adults (10th grade) who are developing their individual self-concept.
*Open to sharing your story and encouraging students to share theirs.
*Recognize individual traits in students that can make them successful.
*Willingness to provide students a view of the many possibilities in STEM industries.
*A positive attitude, patience, and understanding.

What are the expectations of a CompuPower mentor?
*Provide culturally-responsive guidance about the STEM industry, including your personal story and career path, in a CompuPower classroom once a month (2–3 hours per month) over the course of the school year (August2019–May2020).
*Expand your influence by continuing your mentorship during the students’Summer Residency Experience (May 8-9). •
*Encourage students to explore their development and STEM college and career trajectories.
*Complete CompuPower Industry Mentor Professional Learning to prepare for interacting with Students in classroom setting.
*Extra opportunities for involvement by attending student STEM field trips and community events throughout year!

How do I become a CompuPower Mentor?
Step 1: Complete an interest form at
Step 2: Selected mentors will complete an Industry Mentor PL
Step 3: Work with CompuPower staff to get paired with a school (may include fingerprint screening)
Step 4: Create monthly meeting times with paired classroom teacher
Step 5: Meet your students!

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