Cannabis Survey
A City Council moratorium restricting approvals by the Jersey City Cannabis Control Board will go into effect May 15, 2023.  This moratorium allows the City Council to review, amend, and streamline the current Cannabis rules.  The Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association is collecting data to help inform our Council people on how to modify the municipal code to respond to concerns from residents.  Your email will not be shared.  Some of the questions are required, some are not.  Results from this survey will be summarized and shared on as well as with our Council people.  No raw data will be shared.  There is a question at the end of the survey to express your opinions in paragraph form.
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Do you live in the Hamilton Park Neighborhood *
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FYI: This image, dated 03/27/2023, shows the locations approved by the Cannabis Control Board, in pink.  School locations are shown in blue.
If you'd like to read the Jersey City Municipal Code regarding Cannabis, please use the link below.
Do you use cannabis?  We are asking this question as a data point.  You are not required to answer this question, but it would be helpful.  We'd like to know that this survey reached residents who partake and those who abstain.
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Which form of Cannabis do you find most appealing?  We are asking this question as a data point.  Do people prefer to smoke or consume their cannabis.  You are not required to answer this question, but it would be helpful.
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Are you happy with the Jersey City Municipal Code Cannabis Section as it is currently written? *
The current process for obtaining a license is confusing.  This is one reason the City Council took the step to pass a moratorium.  Should the residents living within a certain distance of the proposed location be informed and public opinion be heard at every approval point:  1) Cannabis Control Board, 2) Planning Board, and 3) City Council?  Please check at which points should Public opinion be heard? *
Per the Planning Board application, residents must be informed in writing of a dispensary proposed within 200 feet of a retail location.  This notification allows residents to attend the planning board meeting and voice their support or their concerns.  It has been brought to the attention of the HPNA that people have not been notified.  Please select one of the options below. *
If residents claim they were not informed at the planning board meeting and the Applicant cannot prove that they were, should the application be automatically postponed until the following planning board meeting? *
The minimum desirable buffer zone from a School enacted by the Cannabis Control Board is 200 feet.  Is this distance adequate?  *
What should be the minimum desirable buffer zone to a school?  *
Should Daycare Centers and Houses of Worship be included in the buffer?  Whatever that buffer ends up being. *
Cannabis dispensaries are allowed to deliver 24 hours a day, with an additional license.  Would you use a delivery service if offered? *
Smoking of cannabis and consumption is illegal on sidewalks, in parks, and generally in public spaces.  Do you support these restrictions?
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Should a cannabis dispensary evolve from medical, to recreational, to lounge without public input?
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Retail hours for Cannabis dispensaries are 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Please choose one option from below. *
Please put in order of importance, aspects of the code that most interest you.  Please one response per column. *
1: Most important
6: Least important
Distance from schools
Hours of operation
Quality of life
Resident input in the approval process
Tax revenue
Density of establishments
Cannabis dispensaries are currently limited by their proximity to another dispensary.  Should the number of cannabis dispensaries be limited? *
Do you have any other thoughts, or opinions, regarding the current cannabis laws that you would like to share?
If you would like to be added to a mailing list to be notified of changes or public meetings regarding this topic, please provide us with an email.
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