Entry form for Live2D Creative Awards 2023 *Application period: June 16, 2023 (Fri) - October 16, 2023 (Mon)*
Entry Period: June 16, 2023 (Fri) - October 16, 2023 (Mon)
Announcement of the results: Expected to be released in December 2023

Special website: http://live2dawards.com/2023/en/

[Operation] Live2D Inc.: https://www.live2d.jp/en/
Privacy Policy: https://www.live2d.jp/en/terms/privacy/

Terms and Conditions

1. Participation
● By submitting this entry, you (the entrant) agree that you understand these Terms and Conditions and accept all of its terms.
● Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards will not be liable to you or any third party for any loss, damages, claims, or costs whatsoever resulting from entering or participating in this competition.
● You may submit entries with videos that you post on platforms specified in the Contest Summary, but you are responsible for using the platform services at your own risk. Each platform has its terms of use unrelated to this contest, so please check them carefully.
● In case of any loss or damage of Live2D Inc., Live2D Creative Awards and/or any other third parties due to your violation of this Terms and Conditions, You must be liable for compensating such loss or damage.
● If you are a minor under the age of 20, you must obtain consent on these Terms and Conditions from a person with parental authority in submitting the entry. Such person with parental authority is deemed to have agreed on these Terms and Conditions once entry is submitted by such minor.

2. Privacy
Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards will use your personal information for the sole purpose of operating this competition. The operator shall not use it for any other purpose or disclose it to any third party without permission. In addition, applicants' information that does not correspond to personal information (Creator name, URL of application work, appeal point, etc.) may be used by the operator for the purpose of the operator's business, or provided to third parties, including sponsors and partners of this contest.

3. Entries
● You warrant that your entry is original and that you own all rights including copyrights regarding the work, and that there are no disputes regarding such rights of the work or any part thereof.
● Entries must be live and publicly viewable on the Internet from the date of entry through the end of January 2024.
● Copyright of entries is owned by the entrant. However, you must acknowledge the unlimited right of Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards to use it for publicity of this competition.
● Entries may be presented on this website, partner website, video sharing platform, and other media. You are deemed to have indefinitely agreed to such use of entries by Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards.
● If you or your entry causes any dispute with a third party, you (the entrant) will be held responsible for resolving such dispute. You fully indemnify Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards against any claim made for such disputes.

4. Usage of AI in Entries for the Interactive Award
The usage of AI in entries for the Interactive Award is permitted under the following conditions:
(1) The use of image-generation AI is prohibited. The scope of image-generation AI is as follows:
Artworks generated entirely by AI, including the process of line drawing, coloring, and other stages.
Artworks that use AI-generated illustrations as the original artwork.
Artworks that are based on or inspired by AI-generated illustrations.
Artworks that trace the line art of AI-generated illustrations.
Artworks that involve additions, transformations, or modifications to AI-generated illustrations.
※Artworks that convert the above-mentioned illustrations into Live2D format.
(2) Applicants understand and comply with the organizer's AI policy.
(3) Applicants must detail in the "Explanation & PR" section of the submission form how they used AI in which parts of their submission, and make this declaration themselves.

5. Disqualification and Forfeiture
You shall not submit the entry that:
● invades or may invade rights of any third party,
● defames or may defame the rights or privacy of any third party,
● causes or may cause harms to a computer or network,
● is or may be unlawful under the social conventions,
● is or may be illegal,
● is or may be interfering the operation of this competition,
● AI-based works (excluding interactive awards),
● uses AI without making reports specified in 4.②,
● violates the operator's AI policy,
● damages the reputation or discredit the contest's sponsors or cooperating companies, or detriments to these sponsors and companies.
● is deemed unsuitable by Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards.
Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards may disqualify or forfeit any entry without any prior notice if Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards determine that the entry you submit falls into the above noted one.

6. Awards
● Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards will not accept any objection or protest regarding awards selection or explain or provide information about such selection process.
● Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards may demand an original file or materials of the entry work in the awards selection process.
● Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards will contact award winners via email, but failure to respond to an email within 5 days may result in disqualification or forfeiture.
● If you or your entry is found disqualified after receiving the award and prize, the awards will be canceled, and the entrant must return the award.
● Prize good and/or cash may change without any prior notice.
● Withholding tax may be imposed on prize goods and/or cash, and the awardee may need to file necessary documents. The awardee is responsible for determining the necessity of filing such documents and is responsible for filing the documents if such filing is necessary.
● In situations of an awardee or Live2D Inc. restrict delivery or receipt of prize goods and/or cash, Live2D Inc. and Live2D Creative Awards may alter or modify the content of the award or method of delivering.
● You may not transfer or sell the award and any associated rights.
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