PAX Aus 2019 New Enforcer Application
Hello and welcome!

Thanks for your interest in joining the ranks of the Enforcers - PAX's very own hardworking and dedicated collection of volunteers. This incredible group of over a thousand individuals tirelessly give three days of their lives each year, as literal blood, sweat and tears make the show happen

Before filling in your application, please watch the short video below. Go on. Weโ€™ll wait for you ๐Ÿ˜Š

All done? Awesome. Still up for a little hard work and a tonne of fun? Then go on โ€“ take the time now to complete your application form below.

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PLEASE NOTE: This form is for new Enforcer Applications only. If you have already been accepted as an Enforcer before, do not use this form! Please login to the official forums and follow the instructions there.
So what's an Enforcer?
Enforcers are the Volunteers at PAX; they help run the show once it starts. They manage the lines for the panels, help the exhibitors with their booths, manage the games libraries, help lost attendees, and anything else that's needed to make PAX the best event possible.

Enforcers agree to work a single 6 hour shift each day, and in turn receive free entry to the event. If you have already purchased a ticket and later get approved to become an Enforcer, it's OK - we've got you covered. There will be an opportunity to apply for a refund and return your ticket.

If you like you can help set up the show and tear it down when it's done. We call this "Seeing how the sausage gets made". But no telling! We don't wanna spoil the surprises in store for everyone, now do we?

Being an Enforcer means becoming part of a huge, multinational community of like minded people who love the same stuff you do, with just as much passion. We're one big happy family. Would you like to join us? Then read on!

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