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A survey to better understand the role of People people who cover both HR and recruitment in startups. Let's educate the industry!
First, please confirm that you are working in-house for a startup in a role that covers BOTH Talent & HR responsibilities *
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How long have you been working for this organisation?
How many employees are working in your organisation? *
Who else works in the People function? *
Is the role broadly the same as how it was described to you upon interview?
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Did you have a Job Description written for your role before joining?
How would you describe the split of your responsibilities? *
Does your organisation take official HR advice from other sources?
What was your previous experience before your current role? *
BEFORE your current role, did you have any HR or people-related training/qualifications?
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Since doing your current role, have you been offered or taken on any people-related training/qualifications?
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What is the hardest part about your role?
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What is the best part about your role?
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How well equipped do you feel in being able to support your organisation's people related needs? *
If you could advise your organisation on how to structure your role for maximum success, what advice would you give?
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