Register for Mass on Sunday, February 21 at 11 am (First Sunday of Lent)

Authorities are permitting churches to be open to a maximum capacity of 30% on certain conditions. We are required to enforce social distancing, screening for COVID, and mask wearing, as well as rigorous cleaning protocols between Masses. If you are submitting a form to attend Mass, we ask you to please abide by the regulations for the good of our parish. Note that the wearing of masks is mandatory, but that there are exemptions. If you are claiming a valid medical exemption, you will not be denied access to the church. You are not required to provide proof of medical exemption.

Please submit ONE FORM PER PERSON (and not one for the whole family) because this will help us to count numbers and make sure that we are within legal limits.

If your registration has been accepted, you will receive a message stating that the form has been submitted and that you are registered.

Thank you for your co-operation, and we look forward to seeing you at Mass!
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