Minecraft Patron Registration
In order to be added to the LION Minecraft server you must:
-Be in grades 6-12 and under 17 years of age
-Be a Wallingford Resident with your own valid library card
-Have your own active Minecraft account (not Minecraft PE)
-Agree to our server rules
After verifying that you meet these qualifications, please answer the following questions. Pending your approval we will send you an email with the code of conduct and instructions on accessing the server.
Player's Last Name *
Player's First Name *
Player's Date of Birth *
Player's Grade *
Email address: *
Telephone # *
Player's Library Card # *
Player's Minecraft Username *
For Parents/Guardians:
I am aware that my child is requesting access to the Minecraft server provided by the Wallingford Public Library and the LION consortium. I understand that my child will be able to interact with other library users remotely through this online game. I understand that my child may be banned from using said server for poor conduct which includes using inappropriate language, harassing other players, using client-side mods, spamming, and/or other behavior deemed inappropriate by administrators. Parental consent must be verified before access is granted to the LION Minecraft server.
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