Title: Recent development of Solid State Lighting, LCD-TV and Micro-LED technologies.

1. Title: The Revolution in Solid State Light Sources in Projection (35 min)
Abstract: Solid-state light sources have multiple advantages over lamps for projection applications. Multiple solid-state technologies are used, including RGB LED, RGB laser, laser/LED hybrid or laser-phosphor light sources. This talk explores the advantages, disadvantages and future prospects of these lamp and solid-state light source technologies in projection applications.
Speaker Bio: Matthew Brennesholtz received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Engineering from Cornell University. He has worked in the display industry since 1978, designing CRTs for GTE Sylvania & Philips, working on the Talaria projector for GE, inventing things for Philips Research and then marketing LCoS to rear projector manufacturers for Philips LCoS Microdisplay Systems. In 2005 he joined Insight Media and has worked for Meko since it took over Insight Media’s newsletter business in 2014. Along the way he has collected 23 US patents, authored 29 technical papers and co-authored the book Projection Displays. He has also authored numerous marketing reports and presented many tutorials for the SID, SMPTE, SPIE and other organizations. He is a Senior Member of SID and a Life Member of SMPTE.

2. Title: The Three New Approaches to LCD-TV for 2017 (20 min)
Abstract: In 2017, we have moved on from "LCD vs OLED" and find ourselves with three premium LCD TV technologies that compete not only with OLED, but also with each other. The technologies are Samsung's "QDEF," LG's "Nanocrystal TV," and Samsung's non-QDEF "Premium UHD." We will reveal previously hard-to-find information, review the three technologies, and compare their performance.
Speaker Bio: Kenneth I. Werner is the founder and Principal of Nutmeg Consultants, specializing in the display industry, manufacturing, technology, and applications, including mobile devices and television. He is Senior Analyst for MEKO, Ltd., a founding co-editor of MEKO’s Display Daily, and a regular contributor to HDTVexpert.com. From 1987 to 2005 he was the Editor of Information Display Magazine, and until 2015, he was Marketing Director for Tannas Electronic Displays. Mr. Werner regularly addresses technical and trade organizations in the Americas and Asia, and is routinely consulted by financial analysts, attorneys, members of the international press corps, and companies re-positioning themselves within the display industry or using displays in their products. He speaks frequently with C-Level executives of display-related companies in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, as well as government officials and academic researchers. He has been an active member of the display industry since 1987.

3. Title: Micro-LEDs and Lumiode's technology (20 min)
Speaker Bio: Vincent Lee is a founder and CEO of Lumiode. Vincent earned his Ph.D. at Columbia University in Electrical Engineering, where he developed Lumiode’s core technology. During his time at Columbia he worked at GlobalFoundries and IBM and was involved in the Columbia Technology Ventures Fellows Program as a Senior Fellow. He is currently the treasurer for the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Society for Information Display and was also a 2013 Fellow in the New York chapter of the Startup Leadership Program.

4. Q&A (15 mins)

Tuesday, April 25th 2017
6:00 PM Dinner (Hosted by SID-MAC)
6:30 PM seminar

750 Schapiro-CEPSR
530 W 120th Street, NY NY 10027

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