League Interest Survey
Participating in League activities is rewarding and at the level you choose. Please enter "y" in the areas below if you have an interest in participating.
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Legislative Interviews
Enter "y" if you would like to be on a team to interview legislative representatives
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Candidate Forums
Enter a "y" if you would like to help produce these important events: moderator, timer, question sorter, etc.
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VotersEdge Activities
Enter "y" if you want to work with candidates to enter information about their candidacy online
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League Study
Enter "y" if interested in participating in a study of an issue
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Writing Advocacy Letters
Enter "Y" if you would like to write elected officials on issues when requested
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Voter Registration
Enter "y" if you would like to help us register voters at events including naturalization ceremonies
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League Observer
Enter "y" if you would like to observe public meetings of the Board of Supervisors, or your City Council or School Board, etc.
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Speakers Bureau
Enter "y" if you would like to be trained to speak about ballot issues to inform voters or other League educational purposes
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Clerical Job
Enter "y" if interested in occasional jobs using a computer
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One-shot job
Do you have some time to help on a special project?
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Would you like to help us raise money, usually by helping production of a special event?
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Dues paying only
We welcome your membership whether or not you are able to participate at this time
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Other Interests or Comments
Enter other activities you may be interested in or send us a message
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