Potential Associate Questionnaire
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Business City, State, Zip
Business Phone
Business Email
Website URL
Briefly describe your administrative background. Indicate years of experience at different levels of positions
Do you have experience supporting webinars? If not, skip to next question. If yes, briefly explain what you managed from beginning to end for the webinars.
Do you use a PC, Mac or other?
What operating system do you use?
What email program do you use?
Do you use a backup system for your data? If so, which one?
Do you use a virus scan program for your system? If so, which one?
What internet browser do you use?
Check off which programs you have a working knowledge in?
Check off the skills you consider yourself an expert in:
List your top 3 tasks you LOVE to do!
List 3 tasks you greatly DISLIKE doing
Approximately how many hours are you available to work each week? Month?
Many of our clients focus on scheduling and travel. Are you available to check email and handle tasks minimally twice a day?
Be honest!
List your core business hours and time zone so I am clear on your boundaries.
Due to the administrative nature of our executives, they do require daily task completion for scheduling (sometimes handling things twice a day). Is that a concern for you?
Are you looking for a long-term relationship with us?
What is your business hourly rate? What is your subcontractor hourly rate?
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