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Background & Experience
Tell us about your experience managing products, projects and teams.
What have you learned from this that makes you the right candidate for Ubongo's Product Manager for mobile and digital?
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Tell us in detail about a product or project that you've launched or grown.
What did you do to bring it together, and why does it make you proud?
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Tell us about a time when you've brought diverse talents together to execute.
As our product manager you'll have to work across diverse teams of people, to get content and products launched.
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Educational Background
Where did you study? What did you study? And most importantly, what did you learn from it that you use now?
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What are you passionate about?
Activities, hobbies, or obsessions...
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Languages Spoken
What languages do you speak to working proficiency?
Why do you want to be Ubongo's Product Manager for mobile and digital?
What would you hope to achieve in this position?
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Do you think technology can transform learning for children in Africa?
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Watch this video
Press [cc] for English Subtitles
Now that you've seen Ubongo Kids, pitch us a spin off product that you'd like to create to complement the show.
It can use any platform, technology or media.
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Self Assessment
Rate your skills/ experience/ knowledge in the following areas on a scale of one to five. You don't need to have all these skills-- we're just trying to get an idea of what you can do.
Project or Product Management
Have you been the leader and lead decision maker for products or projects?
Never led a project
Extensive PM experience
Managing remote teams
We're sharing across time zones on Google Drive, Skype, Asana, email, 24/7
willing to learn
have managed multi country teams
Product Design
Have you designed products (physical or digital) before?
Would like to try
The next Jony Ive
UX Design and Testing
I googled "UX"
iOS worthy
Working with value added services for basic mobiles
How familiar are you with services delivered via SMS, USSD and IVR?
What's USSD?
VAS developer
Data Analysis
How comfortable are you sorting through massive amounts of data to glean useful information?
I know excel but that's about it
Data Ninja
Software testing
Testing new features, tracking bugs
never tried
bug squasher
(or Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.)
normal use
black belt
What else should we know about you?
Tell us whatever we've missed!
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