Improving Back To School Nights
Hello, Rocket Nation! Back-to-School events are a great way to create excitement among students, parents, and staff about the upcoming school year; not frustration and anxiety. We continually teach our students to grow from shortcomings and be resilient in their learning. That's exactly what we would like to do now, but we need your help. We realize there are changes needed to improve the format of our annual back-to-school events. As our students' parents and guardians, we value your feedback. Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey to help us improve back-to-school nights next year and in the future. Thank you.
Next year, we are considering hosting three separate events for our three schools (CCES, CCMS, and CCHS) on separate nights. Would this be a change you'd like to see? *
Do you visit the community vendor booths at the back-to-school events? *
What are your main reasons for attending a Crittenden County back-to-school event? (Please check all that apply.) *
What can we do to improve back to school events next year? Please reference specific schools in your response. *
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