Production Proposal: Prairie Players Civic Theater 2020-2021 Season
Directors have a very special and critical relationship to the Prairie Players Civic Theatre (PPCT) Board and Production Planning Committee, as well as a big responsibility to our Prairie Players Family. Because this relationship is so important to us, we want to make sure that expectations are clear. By providing your email address and submitting this form, you acknowledge the following:

1. OPEN AUDITIONS. All productions are expected to hold open auditions for all cast members. Any exceptions must be requested in advance by emailing

2. COMMUNICATION. All Directors are expected to maintain open lines of communication with the Production Planning and Education Committee via an assigned liaison, including regular production meetings (at least every other week) during the rehearsal period, a pre-production meeting before auditions, and a post-production meeting after the show closes. (These meetings will be set to accommodate your schedule.)

3. PRODUCTION POLICIES AND HANDBOOK. All productions are expected to follow the policies that are outlined in the Prairie Players Production Book, which address budget, theater use, and rehearsal schedules. The book may be reviewed here:

4. EXPERIENCE. It is PPCT policy that all directors for mainstage productions must have prior experience within the PPCT organization as either a director or stage manager. The Production Planning and Education Committee can support first-time directors in gaining this experience in advance of a mainstage show if they are selected and do not have this experience.

5. HONORARIA. Directors for mainstage productions are eligible for an honorarium. The exact honorarium amount will be confirmed at the time that the production season is confirmed.
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