Coventry City of Culture Trust - Diversity and Equal Opportunities Form
Coventry City of Culture Trust strives for Equal Opportunities in our recruitment process and working with artists to ensure that no person is unfairly discriminated against in recruitment and selection policies and procedures.

This form is a useful tool for us to assess how well we are achieving our aims so we encourage you to fill out it out honestly and completely, however it is not obligatory.

The information you supply WILL NOT be made available to anyone in any form other than anonymous data and is detached from the application form and not considered as part of any application.

Google Forms is strictly the method for collecting the data and periodically the data is downloaded to the Coventry City of Culture Trust's secure server and subsequently stored in line with the Trust's Privacy Policy -
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Classification of Disability
An internationally recognised definition of disability is:
“People with physical, mental or sensory disabilities: with hidden disabilities such as psoriasis, epilepsy, heart, chest conditions: people with disabilities linked to ageing: people suffering from a mental illness.”
Do you identify as disabled? *
Ethnic Origin and Cultural Background
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Sexual Orientation
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