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Thank you very much for your interest to serve as a Vice Chair!

Vice Chairs play an integral role in the Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) conference, which will be hosted on campus from January 17 to January 20, 2019. The largest Model UN conference to be held on an Ivy League campus, YMUN strives to be an educational and enriching experience for over 1600 high school students from over 40 countries. As this is the 45th edition of YMUN, we aim to make it even more exciting than ever before.

Vice Chairs will help run one of YMUN's over 40 committees, learn and teach about international relations, and instruct high schoolers on public speaking and diplomacy. These committees will cover discussions on a host of political, social, economic, and cultural issues in the hopes of reaching greater collaboration and consensus.

Being a Vice Chair is a perfect opportunity for first-years and sophomores, regardless of experience level or familiarity with Model UN.

Some of the responsibilities of serving as a Vice Chair:
- Attending two training sessions on Model UN parliamentary procedure
- Compiling short news updates on the topics your committee will discuss to be sent out to high school participants prior to the conference
- Reviewing position papers submitted by high school participants, editing resolutions submitted by committee participants, and providing feedback to high schoolers on their participation.
- Writing portions of the committee topic guides, or the briefs we send high schoolers prior to the conference instructing them on specific topics of discussion. From experience, we can attest that these serve as excellent writing samples for internships.
- Attending committee sessions for the duration of the January conference.
- Assisting with security and dismissal procedures during the January conference.

You will:
- Obtain membership into the Yale International Relations Association, which includes special consideration for subsidized international trips, invitations to happy hours, parties, and more.
- Participate in fun activities organized by YMUN in the lead-up to the conference and during the conference, including a Halloween costume party.
- Gain experience working with high schoolers and advisors.
- Learn about a plethora of different issues, including human rights, international security, and development.
- Eat tons of free snacks and meals from around New Haven's food scene.
- Make lots of friends from all years and colleges at Yale.

To find out more about the different committees we have, check out our website here: www.ymun.org/committees.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Michael Borger, YMUN's Secretary-General, at secgen@ymun.org or Aki Dhadda, YMUN's Director-General of Committees, at dg.committees@ymun.org.

This should be completed by Monday, October 1.

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Leslie Knope, SM '20
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You can find a list of the different YMUN committees at www.ymun.org/committees
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Do you confirm that if selected to serve as a Vice Chair for YMUN XLIV, you will be available for the entirety of the conference from January 17-20, 2019 and that you will be willing and able to contribute to the formation of the committee by attending necessary meetings and training? *
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