180 Degrees Consulting Middlebury 2016-2017 Application
To apply to be a consultant for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year, submit this filled out application by April 28th at midnight. Check out 180dc.org for more information about the largest student-led consultancy in the world.

Carefully read the background on the position and do not hesitate to contact us at 180dc@middlebury.edu with any inquiries in the meantime.


About 180DC:
180 Degrees Consulting has 74 branches in 31 countries and prides itself in offering uniquely affordable high quality consulting services to socially conscious organization all over the world. Please visit our website for further information (http://180dc.org/branch/middlebury/). The Middlebury branch was launched in 2015 and has served 3 clients thus far.

About the Position:
Consultants will work collaboratively on one of three teams, each of which will be paired with selected non-profits and socially conscious organizations in the Vermont area. Each team will consist of about 5-6 consultants one of whom will serve as the Case Team Leader. Teams will work together to provide free consulting services to their first client from September 2016 to the middle of J-Term, and then with a second client from J-Term until May. Throughout the duration of the project the consulting team will allocate tasks among themselves appropriately depending on the course action required to tackle the case. The Case Team Leader will check in with the executive board and our faculty advisor on a frequent basis to provide an update on the progress of her/his team’s project. The team and Case Team Leader will have full ownership of their project and personally oversee all client relations, including the final face-to-face presentation that all teams will have put together by the end of JTerm.

During the duration of the client engagement consultants will complete independent work to drive the case along, as well as participate in frequent team meetings to brainstorm and brief each other on results and findings. The work will require at least a few hours per week and encompass the following breadth of tasks:

• Regularly attending team meetings, and being responsive to team communications
• Meeting with the client on a few occasions
• Producing final report and presentation deliverables
• Attending an end-of-cycle presentation evening

By submitting your application, you agree to commit to these activities if selected.
(Time commitment: 3 hours/week for Consultants and 5-6 hours/week for Case Team Leaders. Each consultant contributes approximately 1000-1200 words to the final report and 2-3 mins to the final presentation. These final deliverables are worked on over the course of the semester)

Who are we looking for?
Consultants rely on a myriad of skills to succeed – as for example interpersonal/team work skills, critical thinking and analytical abilities. We’re excited to hear about any of your past experiences that were meaningful to you, the general skills that they have helped you build, and how you hope to apply those at 180DC to help you, your team, and your client succeed.

To qualify for the position previous consulting or business experience is not required – in fact, you should view this as an opportunity to be thrown in in the deep end and gain hands-on consulting experience to find out whether you find the process of thinking about the solutions to business problems one you enjoy and find rewarding.

However, this can only be as rewarding, meaningful, and impactful of an experience as you and your team make it through the time, effort and commitment you collectively invest. We thus do require that all applicants are seriously invested and are also aware of the fact the position will be a substantial time commitment.

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We have openings for executive board and team leader positions. Please check all that you may interested in. Refer to position descriptions below. NOTE: You don't need prior 180DC experience to apply to exec board/team leader positions. *
Executive Board/ Team Leader Positions
NOTE: All exec board/ team leader positions will meet once weekly for 1 hour to discuss the overall progress of all of the consulting projects and help with general branch management. Total time commitment for exec board/ team leader positions (5-6 hours per week). Executive team members will NOT be staffed on a specific consulting project but are in charge of overseeing all projects and maintaining client relationships, recruitment efforts, and deliverable completion.

Consulting Director(s) - organize and run meetings with consulting project team leaders, communicate and monitor the work flows of the consulting teams throughout the semester, update executives/directors on the progress of the student consulting teams. There will be one internal consulting director that deals with the organization and coordination of consulting teams and an external consulting director that manages relationships and on boarding of 180DC Middlebury's non-profit clients

Vice President(s) - works with the president to guide other officers and directors, establishes connections with other 180 Degrees chapters in the international organization network, coordinates tentative semester schedules for consulting projects and executive activities, oversee project management of other executives and student consultants, communicate project management information to other executives at meetings.

Secretary - Responsible for making appointments on-campus, establish and communicate meeting agendas, record minutes from the meetings, update executives on tasks completed and future work, communicate progress updates to other executives and directors, organize space reservations for meetings.

Treasurer/Finance Director - serve as the dedicated 180 Degrees Consulting liaison between the Middlebury College chapter and the SGA finance committee, develop the budget and manage the associated account, execute all financial decisions of the branch, plan cost structure for 180 Degrees Consulting events.

Team Leader - Manage team of 5 consultants and ensure that all project deadlines are met in a timely fashion. Organize, schedule and lead weekly team meetings (these happen once a week for approx. 45 mins- 1 hour).

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