AcappellaFest 2013 Instructor Interest Form
Ladies and Gentlemen, bring us your brilliance!

If you would like to teach at AcappellaFest 2013, the application is now open! We are looking for workshop leaders and masterclinicians that have expertise in any aspect of a cappella music. This year, the educational focus will be how to start your group’s year off right, so please tailor your applications to fit that broad topic. Think about the basic foundation that each group needs to have for a successful year: vocal tone, blend, visual cohesiveness, business strategy, gig planning, goal setting, etc...

Things to remember:
1) How to Start Your Group's Year Off Right is the theme, so run with that!
2) We want a healthy balance of basics and cutting edge topics.
3) More value is placed on content and application, rather than on flashy names.
4) The more information you give us here, the better equipped we are to make a decision. Take your time, plan out the application, and give us your best.

The initial application is due on Friday June 28th. All applicants will be notified on Friday July 12th of our decision. If you are asked to teach at ACF, we will need a course title, description, any AV needs, a rough draft of your workshop materials, and a brief bio by Friday July 19th.

Thank you for your interest in AcappellaFest 2013! See more at

PLEASE NOTE: All instructors will be compensated with an all-access pass to the event. All volunteers will be compensated with a 25% off the cost of an all-access pass. No travel or housing costs will be reimbursed, however you may be able to claim these costs as a tax-deductible donation in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
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