The St Peters Tennis Club is now taking registrations for the 2018/2019 summer tennis season. If you are interested in participating in the 2018/2019 summer tennis season at Junior level can you please complete this form. Once completed we will be able to contact you by phone / email when any notification is required.

Junior Players - must be no older than 17 years of age at the commencement of the junior season. ,

SPTC encourage our junior players (particularly those in Div 1, 2 & 3) to nominate to play in the senior competition not only to improve skills but to also begin to transition to the senior competition. If your junior player would like to play senior tennis this season please place some comments in the "Any other comments or requests?" section.

No payment is required at this time. Invoices will be sent to registered players in October 2018 or via Teamstuff payment section. Discounts apply for families of three or more players.

Junior Competition (EDTA) - October 20th 2018

Feel free to send this form on to friends or family who may be interested in joining our club.

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SPTC | St Peters Tennis Club Terms and Conditions *
ST PETERS TENNIS CLUB | SPTC - TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. SPTC participates in various competitions as organised by Tennis SA and or the Eastern Districts Tennis Association (EDTA). By registering to play for SPTC to agree to abide by the terms and conditions and codes of conducts set by the respective governing bodies (can be provided on request);2. By registering for SPTC you confirm that you do not have an active registration with any other tennis club and you do not have any outstanding financial obligations with any other tennis club;3. SPTC will endeavour to place you in a team, division and competition of suitable playing standard. Where this is not possible the SPTC will notify you in writing before close of nominations to allow sufficient time to make alternative arrangements;4. Final grading is determined by the governing bodies (such as Tennis SA or EDTA). You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by any grading determination by said bodies;5. Your playing position in the team may vary and is dependent on competition results. This means you may be required to play in a higher or lower position which is dependent on your own and other player’s performance over the season. A change of position may also mean that you need to move between teams (NOTE: SPTC endeavours to keep player friendship groups together); 6. If you are nominating for a junior player for a junior team, you acknowledge that it is an Eastern Districts Tennis Association requirement that all players in junior teams wear the club uniform. You agree to ensure that your junior player will wear the club uniform; 7. The SPTC will determine membership fees for each season. By registering you confirm that you will pay the relevant membership and/or competition fee as set by the SPTC; 8. You agree for the club to make contact with you via email, phone, mail and social media throughout the course of the season; 9. You agree to set up a match centre account and if required enter scores relevant to your or your junior players team.
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