Gmail Schema Allowlist Request
Thank you for your interest in adding schema to your email for use in Google products.  

A few things to note about the allowlisting process:

1.  Before submitting the form, you must send a real-life email coming from your production servers including the markup/schema that you would like to be allowlisted for to
2.  We will review requests in the order that we receive them. We may reach out to you for further information.
3.  Marked up email must conform to the allowlisting guidelines listed at:
4.  Submit the form once per email/use-cases that will be marked up.
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Contact information
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To better understand the use case, we need to know more about your company.
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Your email
Describe the email to which you plan to add schema. What is its purpose? *
Please also explain what the Gmail Action you would like to include would perform if any. Please give as much details as possible (e.g. What triggers this email to be sent to user? Is it a user action? Is it automated? etc...)
Is your email Promotional or has a Promotional Intent or is a Solicitation? *
We do not allow Promotional/Solicitation emails to use actions as we want to make sure actions are only used on the most important emails. If your email is Promotional/Solicitation your request is very likely not to get approved.
Which Structured Data Type do you plan to add to your email? *
Which Action do you plan to add to your email? *
Please note that we only approve Go-To actions for a specific set of high value use-cases (such as Flight Check-In, Track package etc...). You may submit your request for Go-To action: the use-case will be manually reviewed by the Gmail team. Please be aware that the bar - in term of usefulness and quality - is very high.
If you plan to use a One-Click or Go-To Action, what text will appear on the button?
This would be the "name" field in the "action"
From what email address are these emails sent? *
Please enter the full email address  (e.g.
What languages are used in your emails? *
Note: English will be reviewed more quickly than other languages.
Does your action handler require bearer identity tokens? *
Bearer tokens are not enabled by default. Applications should provide their own limited-use token in action URLs if possible.
Samples and Testing
Before submitting the form, you must send a real-life email coming from your production servers that includes the markup / schema that you would like to be allowlisted for to

Please make sure that the markup is correct prior to sending the email. For more details see:
Especially make sure the email passes the Email markup Tester:

Note: Gmail removes all markup when forwarding an email. Do not forward the email to this address.
On what day did you send a sample email to *
Subject of sample email sent to *
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