Fearless 40 Series - Jamaican Order Form
How to Buy the Series in Jamaica for J$5000. See payment information below to pay via local bank transfer and submit your name and email, so we can follow up to ensure you got your books. Email ruthtaylor@extramileja.com proof of purchase receipt.
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Make payments to the author Cameka Taylor at National Commercial Bank or Scotia Bank Jamaica.

NCB Account # 304768134 - Half Way Tree Branch

BNS Account # 807924 - Hagley Park Branch

After making the payment, send a message to the author with proof of purchase at ruthtaylor@extramileja.com. You will then receive a link to download the books.

You can also make payments via PayPal. If paying via Paypal use the email camekataylor@gmail.com.
Fearless 40 Lead Title
Thank You for Purchasing. Please send a book review to ruthtaylor@extramileja.com. Dive in to discover the secrets to slay your fears, dream again and soar to new heights as you get older. *
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