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Welcome to Norbergfestival 2018!

Norbergfestival is a non-profit event that relies on volunteer work.
We're always immensely grateful for everyone's hard work and we want to ensure the best possible experience.

In order to sign up, fill out the form below.
All the informations regarding volunteering can be found here :

Please pay special attention when typing your telephone number and email address, we need to be able to contact you with additional information and to discuss your participation.

Signing up and then not showing up means that we will have wasted time and money on buying food, finding accommodation and printing a t-shirt for you. Time and money that otherwise could have been used to fill the festival with even more awesomeness. Be honest with yourself. If you're in doubt, sleep on it. Take a look in your calendar and get back to us later.

See you in Norberg this summer!

/ The Norbergfestival Crew

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The reason for this question is only that we need to provide gender statistics when reporting our grants.
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Have you previously visited Norberg festival?
If so, in what capacity?
T-shirt size
You will get a crew-shirt to wear when on duty.
Working at the festival
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Will you volunteer the whole festival week?
Arriving latest 13:00 Monday July 23rd - Leaving earliest 12:00 Monday July 30th. Staff party will be on Sunday July 29th.
We want to encourage and promote diversity in fields such as: art installations and curation, stage-lighting, sound technology, construction, food, safety, artist liaison and care. This year, we're specifically looking for people to take responsibility in the bar area, security, workshop coordination, lighting and art team. Please write here, in a few words, if there is something you want to learn, or you wish you were given the opportunity to try, or take responsibility for, regardless of background or knowledge.
To ensure sustainability, some people are being recruited ahead of the festival for essential core tasks. However, we want to try and make sure unfair power dynamics aren't recreated within the festival. Please note that we might just not have people with skills available to teach every year.
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Now tell us about experience and skills that you already have and think would be useful, including skills you're willing to teach others.
Do you have a drivers license valid in Sweden?
Do you have an agreement with the festival to work exclusively with certain tasks?
If so, name the person who you have been in contact with and describe the deal. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
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Food preferences, medical information, etc.
Food preferences
The kitchen staff are also volunteers, keep your requests reasonable.
Food allergies
Peanuts, fish, nuts, seafoods, apples, carrots, milk, lactose and such.
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Other allergies or medical information we should be aware of?
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Next of kin *
Please provide at least one name and a phone number were they can be reached during the festival.
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Are you interested in taking the volunteer bus from Copenhagen/Malmö ?
Anything else you would like us to know?
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