Spice English Up eTwinning Project Evaluation of the Teachers
Did you feel involved in the project from start to finish? *
How was the communaciton and collaboration between the project partners? *
Did you use any new Web tools during the project? *
Which, if any, of these would you use again to support your teaching or in future eTwinning projects?
Did your pupils enjoy the project? *
Did the project allow for individual creativity? *
How helpful were the project coordinators? *
How well did the project meet its goals/aims? 1.To develop students’ English skills 2.To develop students’ ICT skills 3.To meet with new friends 4.To make the students learn English in a technological way 5.To teach the students to work in groups 6.To learn about different cultures *
Which activities did you like most? *
Would your school be positive about a follow-up project? *
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