Remote Learning - Safeguarding for the Community
Remote Learning - Safeguarding Guidelines for Parents
March- 2020
Version 1.4

During a time where remote learning is enforced please ensure that the following is adhered to and discussed with your child as a joint agreement. Please note this document may change due to fluidity of the remote learning process.

Please e-sign below. One agreement is required per family.

Please ensure this is read along with the school’s Safeguarding Policy on the VLE:

Communications with Cranleigh staff:

- If your child is communicating with staff the language used should always be professional and appropriate.
- Any communication which you feel is of a wellbeing or safeguarding concern must be immediately forwarded to your child's tutor or class teacher for further investigation. You can also use the email address to report any online concerns.
- Your child should not be engaging with remote learning or completing work, tasks or activities at unsociable hours.
- Your child should not be communicating with staff via personal messaging services or non- school messaging services.
- Your child should not post or write anything which would be deemed negative to the schools reputation, deemed inappropriate or illegal by UAE law.
- Please ensure that face-to-face communication is only between teachers and pupils. Any parent to teacher communication should be in the usual manner, via email unless discussed beforehand.
- Parents and pupils should not record, share or comment on public forums about individual teachers.

Forums, videos and live 1:1 communication:

- When using live communication, remember that this is an extension of the classroom and your child should conduct herself or himself as they would in a classroom or school environment.
- Your child should not use platforms other than the ones authorized by the school directly.
- Professional and culturally acceptable dress is required if using video communication during the remote learning period.
- Use of language should be professional and appropriate at all times.
- The environment of which the communication is filmed or is being recorded must be appropriate ensuring nothing is personally identifiable.
- If the communication is live and there are wellbeing or safeguarding concerns the conversation/video must be immediately terminated and reported directly to the child's tutor or class teacher who will inform the relevant safeguarding or pastoral leads.
- Your child may use their video whilst conducting live communication with staff for lessons or tutorials to promote positive social interaction. Your child does not need to stream their video if they do not wish. If you do not want your child activating their camera at all during the remote learning process please contact his or her tutor directly with formal written communication via email.This excludes Pre- Prep where video communication between school and home must include the parent who would be also present in this communication.
- If your child or their peers are communicating negatively or inappropriately during a forum or via video the conversation/video must and will be immediately terminated and reported via your child’s tutor or class teacher.
- Your child must be on time for the live lessons, tutorials or activities. The sessions cannot be conducted outside of the stated time decided by the teacher.
- Your child should remain attentive during live sessions and online communications.
- Your child will not be taking part in any live communication lesson, activity or tutorial with only the teacher. An adult from home would be present or another staff member if a live communication lesson, activity or tutorial is conducted with just one pupil.
- Parents or children MUST NOT record any online interactions, lessons, activities or tutorials.
- Your child must make sure they end the session as soon as the teacher indicates for them to do so.
- Your child must always be kind online.

Remember KCCS: Keeping Cranleigh Children Safe

Please note: This document may change due to fluidity of the remote learning period.
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