dataMSA Survey: Multiple Head Injury Factors Pre/Post Diagnosis

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Thank you for participating in the dataMSA Survey: Multiple Head Injury Factors Pre/Post Diagnosis.

The purpose of this survey is to collect data and information toward a better understanding of factors linking head injury and diagnosis/progression of multiple system atrophy (MSA). Information from the dataMSA Survey for Multiple System Atrophy indicates that 6.2% of respondents suffered 1 or more traumatic brain injuries PRIOR to MSA diagnosis. An addition 17.2% suffered one or more head injuries resulting in concussion.

The data collected here will be made available at no cost to groups, agencies and medical personnel providing treatment, education and research related to multiple head injury syndromes (including chronic traumatic encephalopathy/CTE) and multiple system atrophy. No funds or revenue will be generated or collected and all respondents will remain confidential.

Thank you sincerely for helping us expand the awareness/knowledge of MSA through sharing your patient-driven experiences.
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Bill Sydnor, dataMSA creator/MSA patient