UIC United Faculty Representative Assembly Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in serving on the Representative Assembly. All members will receive the list of candidates and voting instructions April 4. Elections will take place on campus April 19-21.

To nominate yourself, please complete the form below by March 14, using the last question to submit 5 endorsements from members of your unit/department.

To submit your endorsements in the final question, you can either:

a) Collect endorsements through email:
-->ask endorsing colleagues to email you the statement: I, [endorser's name], endorse the nomination of [your name] for [the office of X] on the UIC United Faculty Executive Board.
-->Copy and paste the 5 statements you receive into the final question.

b) Collect endorsements through this form: http://goo.gl/forms/5MEJaiQwYN
-->send your department/unit colleagues the link above to the form where they can add submit their endorsements. The Elections Committee can see and tally the responses as they are sent in.

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Your statement: a brief description of your work focus at UIC, involvement in union (if any), and aims for the union. *
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For what position on the Representative Assembly are you submitting this nomination? Terms of office are two years. Note that the Secretary is an Executive Board position, but filled by the outgoing President. Please find descriptions of all positions here: https://goo.gl/8Mt03u
Endorsements: Either paste in the 5 endorsement statements you received through email of your departmental/unit colleagues below OR please note that you have opted to send your colleagues this form where they can submit their endorsements directly to the Elections Committee: http://goo.gl/forms/DKYFLhMVM2 *
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