CWE Trading Robot Signup Form (Start working with Justin Temple)
Please read this entire form and watch the instructional video below, because as you do, you will understand the entire sign up process and know exactly what to do. As well as, how to get the most out of your CWE membership.

This is the official sign up form to join Team Temple and start working with Justin Temple, so please have at least $520 or $2,020 USD worth of bitcoin (BTC) ready to purchase your CWE software. You will want an extra 1-2% to account for fees and fluctuation of bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Here if You Need To:

Please use the following website to see how much BTC you need at the current price: (Enter 520 or 2020 into the USD section and you will see how much BTC you need at the current price.)

I also sign up all my team members as 'distributors' rather than customers so that you can receive the most benefit out of your CWE membership if you ever decide to share it with your friends. Signing up as a distributor gives you access to referral capabilities.


Step 1: Watch the Quick Video Below

Step 2: Fill Out the Safe & Secure Google Form Below and Click Submit

Step 3: Check your email for the link I showed you in the video. (Image below shows you exactly what the link will look like. Your link will be unique to you.

(Please keep in mind that we may be across the world from each other. So please allow me 1-12 hours to send you the referral link. I might be busy or sleeping. Thank you for your understanding and patience, my friend.)

Step 4: Begin Creating Your CWE Account when you get the referral link & purchase your CWE software within 24 hours.

***You must purchase your CWE software within 24 hours of getting an email with the subject line "Link Distributors" or else I will have to send the link again. So please have $520 or $2,020 worth of bitcoin (BTC) ready.

P.S... If you want to make sure I am a real person, feel free to call me on my personal phone number 480-553-1697. Best hours are 10am MST - 2pm MST. If I miss your call, call again and leave a voicemail then email me. For all other hours text works great too.

Thank you.

Justin Temple
480-553-1697 MST (-7:00)

You Will Receive The Email Below From support@cryptoworldev. 1-12 hours after filling out this Safe & Secure Google Form.
How to Join CWE & Work With Justin Temple Now
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