Registration skydive course 2020 (English only)
Welcome to our first english skydiving beginners course in years! From May 11-17th we will host a course at our drop zone in Gryttjom. Please register to save a slot, as there will only be 5 slots on this course! A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours after your registration. We will only use your contact details when sending you information about the course.
Language English:
The course will be held in english, it's very important that you fully understand the english language otherwise you will have difficulties finishing the course. Do you meet the requirements?
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Please note that the fee for the course (13 900SEK) must be paid within 3 days after you receive your confirmation. If you would fail any of the medical exams you will get the complete fee refunded
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Important information for us to determine which skydive equipment you should have.
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Before the course start date you must undergo a medical exam. It is Important that this is done in advance, preferably 4 weeks before the course starts. This is especially important in cases where you are treated or have been treated with psychiatric medicine or been treated for mental illness. But also if you have or have had joint problems (eg shaft from joint) or impaired vision. In these cases, the case may need to be examined by the federal physician, which will make the processing time longer.
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I hereby confirm that I wish to register to attend the course and that the above information is correct. I have read the course information. I agree that my address information is displayed on the club's password-protected member section.
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