Reflections on Language Matters by Leslie Christian
This is a follow-up survey to my recent newsletter on the language of finance and investing. I invite you to contribute to this examination of our financial language by sharing your thoughts on my key terms, suggesting other terms to examine, or offering any general reflections on the exercise.

All responses are anonymous by default (you may choose to share your name), and all responses will only be shared in aggregate or anonymous form.

Thank you!
Leslie's List
Do you think these standard financial terms are problematic? What connotations do you experience beyond the basic definitions, and what alternative terminology would you propose using instead?
Impact Investing
Basic Definition: Investing with the intention of creating social or environmental good.
Basic Definition: Putting money into something that offers potential profit whether as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
Deals and Deal Flow
Basic Definition: Actual or potential financial transactions carried out by professional investors.
Basic Definition: Inherited, well established or customary.
Your List
What other standard financial terms would you like to find alternative language for?
Your Terms
For each term you list, try to describe the negative or innaccurate connotations that you experience, and then list any alternatives that you believe are more reflective of reality or your values.
Other Questions or Comments?
I appreciate your feedback! Please feel free to share any other questions or comments here.
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