Finals Projects Tech II P1
Qualities of your Dance Project
What class period are you in *
What are the names of the members in the group?
Include Short ID # (PUT IT IN THIS FORMAT... LAST NAME, FIRST NAME-- SHORT STUDENT ID NUMBER///Next person///Next Person///)
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How many dancers are in the group? *
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How long is your project *
Give exact time in minutes and seconds (as close as possible)
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What is the genre of dance? *
(Jazz, Ballet, -- Be specific.etc Make sure you are using international definitions...not dance 'slang'.)
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What is the music for the dance? *
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Your Assignment was to "Make up a dance, and Make it good". These are some historical components of 'good dance' *
Check all that apply to your finals project - Use the next question to identify anything that has been left off.
What else did you use to 'make it good' *
Write down anything we neglected to add to the list above that applies to your dance
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Pretend you posted a video of your dance on Social Media for the whole world to see. *
List some of the comments that people would make about your dance (Be honest, but be positive. If the comments aren't positive, was it a GOOD dance- should you perform it for a Final?)
If your dance were attached to a 'college admissions portfolio' (Something that any college your group members applied to would look at) What are some things that you could point to in the creation and performances that indicated your group members would be good candidates for these schools *
You'll need to ask your group members- their opinion about these. Prior to answering. Be prepared to support your answer (Full Sentences are not needed for the answer to this question- bullet points are fine- as long as they are clear).
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Who is your stage manager? *
This Person needs to be someone who is NOT in your group that will run your music, arrange the audience etc.
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