Descartes Labs Impact Science Program Application
Solicitations have closed for the July 2020 round of the Impact Science Program. Please re-visit this page in November to apply for the next round, or email to be notified when solicitations open.

Academic and non-profit contributions further our collective knowledge and improve the quality of understanding around the world. A big accelerator of this knowledge is often free or low-cost access to research tools that scale experiments and allow researchers to focus more on science and less on data assembly and preparation.

Since many of us at Descartes Labs were part of an academic research team in a prior life, we understand and are committed to helping scientists get access to our platform and build fascinating data and applications. The Descartes Labs Impact Science Program is designed to help individual researchers access the vast array of data Descartes Labs has collected to further our shared goals.

The Impact Science Program consists of 12-month terms with selections in June and December to coincide with the fall and spring academic calendar.

Key dates to be aware of:

Solicitations open: 1st of March and September
Solicitations close: 1st of May and November
Project selections: 1st of June and December
Program kickoffs: July and January

If you are selected to be part of the Impact Science Program, you will receive access to the Descartes Labs Platform with fees waived. You and Descartes Labs may collaborate to market any work product created using the Descartes Labs Platform, and Descartes Labs will provide you with an environment to host the final results.
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