The CENTAUR mentor-ship program
There are many young people who would like to "work with horses" and would benefit from a Personal Growth Program (PGP). They are usually surrounded by doubters and skeptics because most people just don't understand the potential physical and mental health benefits as well as the career opportunities offered by the horse industry as a whole.

With the right leadership, direction, support, teaching and goal setting, we can guide them to realise their dreams and reach their potential.

If you would like to give back and positively influence the next generation of horse enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, then we are keen to know you better. We would like others to learn from your experience and expertise.

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“To build the next generation of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, volunteers and pioneers we need to support their vision, encourage their passion, provide them with guidance, help them to maintain hope and acknowledge their faith. Only then can they develop the confidence to make a difference, the strength to stand tall amongst the doubters, stay focused around the scorners and trust in the signs of their destination and journey.” VjH
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