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Please fill this form in with your shipping and billing information. We will use this information to ship your PeekSmith 3 device. After filling this form in, we will contact you in email in a few days with the details. We have started shipping the devices. If you won't be satisfied, we will refund you the price of the device if you send it back. We are providing at least 1 year of warranty.

Before ordering, please understand that PeekSmith 3 at the beginning will be released with basic features, and currently we don't have documentation about them. For the release, we will update the site and the PeekSmith app as well. Probably it will have some bugs, too. We will update the firmware via Bluetooth, so we will be able to add new features later this year.

Backward compatibility with previous PeekSmith devices has been tested and working well, so everything that is already listed on the website should work. It means that PeekSmith 3 should work with all the apps currently supporting any previous PeekSmith. We are currently testing some features we would like to include in the firmware when the device will be released.

The intro price of PeekSmith 3 is 220 USD + shipping, and valid until 10 December. The final pricing is based on a lot of factors, but we think PeekSmith 3 will have a higher price tag.
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