Registration Form for Conference on Recent Advances in Statistics and Data Science with a Celebration of Professors Regina Liu and Cun-Hui Zhang's Special Birthdays (May 11-13, 2023)

Normal registration fee is 200 USD until April 27th, 2023. Late registration fee is 250 USD starting from April 27th, 2023. Please see the conference website on link to registration fee payment. 

The registration form and the registration fee payment may be submitted on separate days. However, registration is considered incomplete unless both the registration form is submitted and the registration fee is paid.

Application of Participation Support
The conference will provide participation support to cover the registration fee of 200 USD and additional travel expense up to 500 USD for eligible junior researchers and students.  If you would like to apply for participation support, please fill out the appropriate questions below and submit your registration form by March 30th. Applicants will be notified of the decision by April 7th.  We suggest that applicants wait for the application result before making payment of the registration fee.

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Check below if you intend to present a poster at the conference.
Check below if you are a junior researcher or a student, applying for participation support (to cover the 200 USD registration fee and additional travel expense up to 500 USD). We suggest that applicants wait for the application result before making payment of the registration fee.  
If you are applying for participation support, please indicate your position and year in the position. If you are a student, please indicate your year of study and advisor. If you are not applying, please put "NA". *
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If needed, please provide additional details on your allergy or dietary restriction.
Rutgers University requires all attendees to provide proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test at most 72 hours prior to the conference. We will not store this information. Please check below to indicate that you understand this requirement.
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