Electronic Form for Proposals: IIPPE Annual Conference, Lisbon 7-9 September, 2016
1) This Electronic Form for Proposals (EFP) is for submissions for the IIPPE Annual Conference that will take place in Lisbon September 7–9, 2016.

Please read the instructions carefully; there have been some small but important procedural changes from previous years.

2) Potential participants can submit a proposal for an individual paper or activist proposal, a Panel, or a Stream of related Panels. Unlike in past years, each proposed, be it individually, part of a Panel, or part of a Stream of Panels, must be submitted through this form. No proposal whether individually, as part of a Panel, or as part of a Stream of Panels, will be considered for presentation at the Conference unless this form is filled out and submitted.

3) As previously, the Coordinators of the various Working Groups make the primary decisions on Panel structures and content. The Programme Committee then coordinates these into the overall schedule for the Conference. It will also incorporate remaining proposals into the Programme, that are accepted but do not fit neatly into any Working Group Panel or Stream, by forming Panels or even Streams other than those of the Working Groups.

4) If you are submitting a Proposal for an individual paper, fill out the required information below. Please write your names in the order you want them to appear on the Programme. Do not enter middle names, as there will be no space for them in the final Programme. Select the Working Group into which you think your proposal would fit best. For information on the Working Groups, see (http://iippe.org/wp/?page_id=456), and/or contact the Working Group Coordinator directly. In case you feel your paper does not fit well into any of the Working Groups, select “Programme Committee” on the application form.  The Programme Committee will then try to find other related papers to include with it to form a standalone Panel, separate from those organised by the Working Groups.
Documentary films, visual art projects, and proposals on activism must be submitted to the "Committee on Activism".

5) Submissions will be considered for Panels, or Streams of related Panels, by the Coordinator of the selected Working Group. Such proposals require the following two steps.

I) Send a document in Word format by email to the Coordinator of the Working Group where your proposal fits best. Include only the Panel title(s), the titles of all papers in each Panel, and the name of the presenter of each paper being proposed. Do not include emails, abstracts, etc.

II) At the same time that you send that Word document to the Working Group, each person who is listed on any Panel to present a paper must themselves fill out this form. No one will be considered for any Panel until they have filled out this form. (Sending the Word document alone to the Working Group does not constitute proposing the paper. If a Working Group receives a Word document suggesting a Panel or Stream, any people included in the Word document who have not filled out this form will not be considered to have applied as part of the Panel(s)).

6) Submissions for Panels or Streams of Panels that do not fit with Working Groups must be submitted to the Programme Committee in the same two step procedure just outlined in the last point.

7) Submitting a proposal on activism, documentary film, or visual art project:

I) Fill in this form, selecting the category “Committee on Activism”. Especially favourable considerations will be given to these proposals, and activists can be exempted from paying conference fees. Questions and queries on sessions on activism can be directed to Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com).

II) After the submission, send an email to Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com) describing the proposed panel/screening/round table/discussion/etc.

8) An individual can present only one paper, book discussion, roundtable or similar presentation.  One can present in an activist Panel in addition to any of the other forms of presentation.

9) If you submit a proposal for a co-authored paper, please enter only the one name of the person who will register, attend and present the paper (the Programme only lists presenters) in this submission form. In the rare cases where several co-authors will jointly present a single paper, they all need to register by the registration deadline and then they will all be listed in the Programme. In such a case, register the paper with only one name on this form, but then send an email to the Programme Committee explaining that there will be joint presenters, c/o Al Campbell (al@economics.utah.edu)

10) After clicking "Send form" after filling out the form below, a popup window should appear confirming that your proposal has been submitted successfully.
In case you do not receive any emails from the Programme Committee before the 1st of May 2016, please contact Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com)

11) All proposals will be reviewed by the relevant Working Group or by the Programme Committee. About one month after the final submission deadline you will receive notification if your proposed paper has been accepted or not. If your paper is accepted, you will receive a letter from the Programme Committee with more information about the Conference, including information on registration procedures. In extraordinary cases where an earlier notification is needed for reasons such as funding, contact Al Campbell at al@economics.utah.edu. Depending on the paper and the overall Programme, it may or may not be possible to give an early decision regardless of need.

12) Registration and Membership fees:
All presenters must be members of IIPPE.

Membership fees are: students and unwaged pensioners, € 15. All others, € 30.

Conference fees for students, unwaged and pensioners, € 90. Hence total €105 if still needing to pay annual membership fee if not already a member (this applies to most, as membership tends to coincide with, and hence need renewal at, the Conference).

Conference fees for all others, € 180. Hence total €210 if still needing to pay annual membership fee if not already a member (see above).

Please note that IIPPE does not have any funds that can subsidise participants, and the fees cannot be waived. Only activists making accepted presentations can be exempted from the Conference fees, but must pay the concessionary membership fee of €15. All necessary documentation for registration will be made available around May 2016, when the registration process will open.

13) The deadline for submission of proposals for papers and Panels is April 11, 2016.

Successful submissions will be confirmed by May 3, 2016.

The deadline for registration for the Conference is June 1, 2016.

The preliminary Programme should be sent out by the end of the second week of July, and the final Programme by August 1, 2016.

We do not guarantee to suit timetabling requests on the Programme as we expect participants to attend the Conference as a whole.
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If you cannot find a Working Group pertinent to your topic, please tick "Programme Committee". Activists must tick "Committee on Activism". For more information on the Working Group, follow this link: (http://iippe.org/wp/?page_id=456)
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