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Beerhouse investment interest
Beerhouse is expanding after Beerhouse #1 in Cape Town was profitable from opening day we now look for friends of the Beerhouse to become investors and bring beer variety and the Beerhouse experience to further places all over Africa.

If you are interested to be part of our Beerhouse family please fill out the questionnaire. You (hopefully) already know quite a bit about us after you've been to our house and read our bio, so please give us some insights into who you are and what interests you.

When you send us your details, we'll try to meet with you and/or send you our business plan once it's ready.

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Current Business Interests/Employment
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Unencumbered cash available for Beerhouse investment
How much cash is available for investments within the next 3 months?
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Record of previous Investments
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How did you get to know about Beerhouse and this investment opportunity
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Investment motivation
What is your interest into Beerhouse or is there anything else you would like to tell us about?
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The ideal Beerhouse location for you to invest? Please name the area in South Africa or Internationally.
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Stay thirsty, stay curious...

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