Please answer these questions as fully as you can. This application is for your guides and you to determine if this program is a good fit for you at this time in your life. Answer as honestly as you can, knowing that you don't have to worry about "saying the *right* thing" or trying to impress us. We are non-judgmental and open and really encourage you to answer from the heart, as we will likewise listen from the heart. Be authentic.
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Why are you seeking to enroll in IMAGINING TRIBE at this point in your life? What calls to you about this nine-day immersion? *
What is the greatest or deepest longing you feel at this time in your life? What are the deepest questions you find yourself pondering? *
What are the biggest personal obstacles or challenges you are facing in your life at this time? *
How do you interact in a group setting? *
What are you passionate about or love to do most? What do you know about your unique gifts or skills? *
What, if anything, concerns you about the world we live in (culturally, environmentally, socially, economically, etc). Please describe what your concerns are for our world (and what causes you to worry or feel overwhelmed). *
Do you have any history with emotional/mental/behavior struggles (or suicidal ideation or self harm?) Please describe. Also, please describe who your support people are (therapists, parents, friends, groups, mentors, guides). *
Do you have any physical limitations or challenges we should be aware of? We will be spending the majority of our time outside, in the woods, hiking, camping and you will be encouraged to enact a vision fast. *
What else, if anything, would you like your guides to know about you? *
Are you currently taking any medications? Please list.
Some scholarship funds will be available. However, we do ask that you some financial contribution to show your commitment. This will act as a deposit to secure your spot. Please check the box of how much you can pay: *
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