Chi Alpha Summer Reading Project 2020
Every year we do a summer reading project. It's a chance for us to dig deeper into some rich writing than we have time for during a regular academic quarter.

This summer we are reading Christianity for Modern Pagans by Peter Kreeft, an annotated translation of Pascal's Pensées. In his words, "I know no pre-twentieth-century book except the Bible that shoots Christian arrows farther into modern pagan hearts than the Pensées. I have taught 'Great Books' classes for twenty years, and every year my students sit silent, even awed, at Pascal more than at any other of the forty great thinkers we cover throughout the history of Western philosophy and theology."

The schedule of readings is at

I usually a write reflection based on the week's assigned readings, so if you're interested in reading along with us fill out this form so I know to email them to you.
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If you want to participate and can't afford it, we'll make it happen. On Amazon the book costs $11 for a Kindle version and $14 for a softcover.
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