Introduction to Permaculture with Christina Zawerucha
Webinars cowering the following topics:

1. Intro to Permaculture Principles
2. Functional Design Analysis
3. Zone & Sector Analysis
4. Climatic Factors
5. Guilds, succession & the maintenance of systems
6. Trees and their Energy Transactions
7. Concepts and Themes in Design
8. Water & Swales
9. A Brief History of Soils
10. Pattern Understanding
11. Farming in Cold Climates
12. Resources and Yields
13. Aquaponics
14. Aquaculture
15. Alternative Global Nation

Course leader is Christina Zawerucha ( - a teacher, farmer, and social entrepreneur who specializes in developing sustainability literacy programs in an international context.

Registration fee - 50$, will be used for development of Permaculture for Peace project.

Course materials are stored online - you will get the links once payment completed.

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