What do you think of the publication of scores in digital format?
Whether you think the world of music publishing needs to innovate by offering new formats or whether you don’t agree with this idea, we would like you to answer some questions whose answers will help us decide the way forward
The survey will finish on 30 April. At the end, all the participants will take part in the raffle of an assortment of five albums on the TRITÓ label, to be chosen by the winner.
Do you think it is essential that music publishers join the digital world? *
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Are you attracted by the possibility of having your own digital library? *
Have you recently acquired a digital score? *
What was the file format?
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If you use digital scores, what device do you use to read them?
Do you think it is essential that digital scores can be printed? *
And downloaded? * *
Would a system of access to a library with payment of a flat rate be a good option for you? *
Are you a regular user of a library, documentation centre or other music information centre? *
Do you think such institutions should provide digital content?
If you're a frequent user of digital scores, what is your main source of downloads or access to content?
Please let us have your email or phone number so that we can contact you if you turn out to be the winner. *
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