New Zealand Games Festival Applications for 2024
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Open Roles
We are currently looking to fill some gaps in our committee for 2024

Community Outreach Manager

Are you a person of the people? A regular in your channels of choice? Up with the play on the NZ & Aus streamer scene? In that case, we'd love your help! 

Our aim for NZ Games Festival has been to celebrate games and bring them to a variety of audiences. As the Committee Outreach Manager, you’ll be helping to reach groups that we haven’t already connected with, and providing long form content to engage our existing community.

Event Manager

NZGF loves the events we host during Festival week each year, and we pride ourselves on being able to reach so many corners of the gaming community. Our fantastic Event Managers are the key to creating so many of our great experiences each year.

Judging Manager

The Pavs are our way to celebrate and honour New Zealand’s games industry, and this is only possible with the amazing work of Judging Managers. There are quite a few moving pieces, and so we have two Judging Managers to help keep the workload manageable. In this role, both Judging Managers will work together to select and organise a dedicated ensemble of judges and jury, liaise with the game creators, and keep great communication with a variety of committee members. 

Media Producer

Our Media team has steadily grown to include five talented people, and we’re ready to bring it a bit more structured organization by introducing a Media Producer. In this role, you’ll provide extra support to the team through the creation of a media schedule, following up with the Media team and committee running events about Media related tasks, and providing additional aid to the Creative Director when needed/possible. 
Social Media Manager 
Our main lines of connection to our community is through our social media channels, and our Social Media Managers have had fun getting to create delightful and cozy posts to reach a variety of audiences. As the Social Media Manager, you are one of our main voices that promote our events and build up the hype as the festival approaches. You will collaborate with not only the Creative Director and Media Designer to structure and plan out campaigns, but brainstorm with all of the committee running events.
Sponsorship Manager
The Sponsorship Manager has the wonderful role of forging rewarding and strong relationships with local and international businesses. By helping these businesses meet their goals,, the Sponsorship Manager secures the funding needed to help power the NZ Games Festival, providing businesses with ways to support our local community and connect with NZ developers.
Workshop Manager
It’s a complete joy to bring game development to new audiences, and the Workshop Manager is the catalyst for both children and adults to learn how to make games. As the Workshop Manager, you’ll recruit and support talented game developers to build age appropriate workshops that will engage, inspire, and provide skills for their attendees to take home and expand on.
What skills are you bringing with you that will help you in this role? 
Let us know why you would be an excellent member of the NZ Games Festival committee! Skills linked to the role are much appreciated but not always needed. If you've got diverse skills that you think are useful then we want to hear about them too!
Do you have any related experience that will help you with this role?
Volunteer, professional, personal, and transferable experience are all welcome. 
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