How to Train Your ConFusion Masquerade Entry Form
Do you Cosplay? The Masquerade is the place for you! Show off your costuming talent in a themed masquerade! Ready to sign up? Save time and fill out the form now. Have questions? Email: for more details.
Please provide us with the following information:
Title of Costume *
What the costume is called (name of character, concept title, etc...)?
Participants *
Is this entry for a single individual or for a multi-people entry.
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Who is wearing this entry on stage in this Masquerade?
Designers/Creators *
Who designed, constructed or assembled this costume for this masquerade?
Badge # *
You must provided your badge # to the Masquerade Staff prior to the Masquerade, or provide your Badge Number in the "other" option below.
Judging Type: *
Exhibit entries will not be subject to the judging process, and are not eligible for prizes.
Workmanship Judging: *
Would you like our workmanship judges to score how well constructed the costume is?
Stream: *
Is the costume a recreation of an existing character or an original creation?
Division: *
Entrants who are under 14 years of are Youth. Adult-made with less than 3 previous awards is Novice. Adult -made with three or more previous awards is Experienced.
Have you previously presented this costume at ConFusion? *
If you wish the MC to read an introduction for your entry, please print or type your introduction in the space below: *
Presentation Requests: *
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Release: *
I/we have read the rules of this masquerade and agree to abide by them. I/we understand photographs taken of during the masquerade may be used in promotions, publications, Internet web pages and other media related to ConFusion. I/we agree to hold the con, its organizers and the facility both severally and individually blameless for any accident and or injury suffered by me/us during the course of this masquerade except in the case of gross negligence on the part of those cited above. The following electronic Signature will be used to verify my/our compliance.
We appreciate your entry into our Masquerade. If you have any further questions, email: or
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