TK-2 Parent Hybrid Learning Feedback January 2021
Dear School Families,

Thank you for your continued partnership. Please complete this survey to help us develop the best possible program. Remember to answer the last question about your preference for in-person or distance learning for the last trimester.
1. Your Child(ren)'s Grades *
2. Rank your priorities during this time *
1 - Most important
5 - Least important
Keep my child positively engaged
Enrichment classes
Provide social emotional learning opportunities for my child
Maintain focus on content standards
What else is important?
3. If "What else is important" explain:
4. Based on your observations, is the time your child is spending in these areas too much, too little, or just right? *
Too much
Too little
Just right
Receiving communication from the teacher
Receiving communication from the enrichment teacher
Receiving communication from the school/office
Online activities (i.e. BrainPop, Seesaw, Happy Numbers, Lexia, Raz-Kids)
Worksheets, packets, or paper activities
Prayer and faith activities
5. How would you describe your child’s response to asynchronous assignments during Hybrid learning? *
6. How independently is your child able to complete asynchronous assignments during Hybrid learning? *
Need extensive parent support
Completely Independent
7. How concerned are you about your student's screen time? *
Not an issue
Very concerned
8. What mode of learning seems most effective for your student? *
Mostly Paper
Mostly Technology-based
9. Please share any additional feedback you want to say about the current school program: *
10. Please rate your child’s overall feelings about the onsite enrichment experience? (PE, Music, Art, Garden) *
11. Do you have any suggestions for our onsite enrichment program? (PE, Music, Art, Garden) *
12. Please rate the amount of engagement your child has with the enrichment teacher (PE, Music, Art, Garden) each week? *
13. If your child's class has in-person instruction, what is your preference for the third trimester? Note, you may not change to in-person during the trimester if you choose to remain in distance learning. Only check one box. *
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