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Thank you for your interest in Canterbury Hills Camp and taking the time to complete this application.
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Forever memories are made here!
Canterbury Hills Camp is a place of joy, creativity, adventure, and belonging. Our leaders model and create a culture where people are free to be themselves and accomplish more than they thought possible. Campers can take on new challenges because they have leaders who care for them and believe in them. With leaders who give their best in cabins, forests, fields, pools, creeks, and dining halls, campers thrive.

Every camper is unique, so our leaders work hard to find the unique hopes, needs and dreams of every camper and every group. This effort requires ongoing teamwork, patience, listening and creativity. Some moments will be full of joy and wonder. Some moments will be puzzling, challenging or difficult. Through it all, leaders bring positive energy, excellence and dedication. To the campers, leaders are heroes who leave a lasting impression.

If you are excited to picture yourself as a leader at Canterbury Hills Camp this summer, please fill out the fields below. As you provide answers, you're encouraged to help us get to know you and show us what type of leader you would be at camp.

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Have you ever had a role in providing intentional support to a person with special physical, social or cognitive needs? If yes, please describe below.
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*Those 18 or older are required to include Vulnerable Sector Screening.
Are you willing to obtain Standard First Aid & CPR Level C infants, children and adults, if you won't already have it?
*Canterbury Hills pays the cost of course registration
Reflection Questions
1. What movie or fictional character do you think would be an awesome camp leader? Please explain why.
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2. Why do you want to join this camp staff team?
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3. Why do you want to work with children?
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4. Tell us about something you learned through a leadership role and experience?
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5. Tell us about your personal strengths and weaknesses.
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6. How would you be a “child-centred” leader?
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7. How would you help a camper get the most out of their camp experience?
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8. What vision or ideas would you bring to your leadership role?
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9. When you think about the possibility of a leadership role at Canterbury Hills this summer, what gets you most excited or fired up?
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May 19-21 - Staff Training Weekend
June 23-24 - Alumni Camp
June 27-July 4 - Staff Training Week
July 6-7 - Family Camp Weekend
July 8 - Aug. 24 - Overnight Camps (Sun. to Fri.)
July 9 - Aug. 24 - Day Camps (Mon. to Fri.)
July 15-21 and Aug. 19-25 - Adventure Camp (Sun. to Sat.)
Aug. 25 - Clean-up and Staff Eucharist
Do you have any scheduling conflicts that would affect your attendance at camp? If yes, please describe below.
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Please ask two people to provide an online reference for you:

Alternatively, you may send written references (one or both) to:

References are to be submitted prior to interviews.

Your references should represent a range of your involvement in the community (i.e, teacher, employer, volunteer supervisor, religious leader, etc.). References must be from someone over 18 years old who is not a family member or relative.

To apply for a full-time Day/Overnight position at Canterbury Hills, please apply ASAP as available positions are limited.
Selected applicants will be invited to an interview.

For volunteer applications, please submit your application as soon as possible for best chance of consideration and confirmation for a volunteer role this summer.

Canterbury Hills Camp is affiliated with the Diocese of Niagara, Anglican Church of Canada
Mailing Address: c/o 252 James Street North, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3

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