Bulleteers Registration Form
Filling this Form gives Bulleteers an introduction to the rider
Name *
Your full name
Address *
Address of residence
Mobile Number *
If multiple, separate the numbers by comma
Date of Birth *
Must be over 18 to have a DL and to ride
Link to Facebook Profile *
Open your facebook profile. Copy the link it the address bar and paste it in box below.
Why do you want to join Bulleteers? *
A few lines about the reason behind your willingness to spend your time and money for this?
Occupation *
What do you do for a living?
Driving License Number
We need accurate number so that details can be extracted from RTO website
Blood Group *
Motorcycle Model *
Which model do you ride? Separate multiple answers with comma
Medical Cautions
Any health issues or phobias that you may have. Helps us keep that issue in consideration on rides.
Emergency Contact
Someone we can get in touch with in case of an emergency
Name *
Name of the person whose contact is given
Phone Number *
Relation to Contact Person *
Mention brand and type if you own the gear. If not, mention a confirmed date till which you will purchase
the gear. Purchase date is not applicable for helmet as it is always compulsory from day 1. Remember,
safety gear is mandatory for your own safety.
The mandatory safety gear includes helmet, upper body armor/ elbow guards, knee guards, gloves and
Helmet *
Helmet brand and type, ie open, half face, convertible, full face
Upper Body Armor *
Jacket or Armor brand. Or date till which you will purchase the same
Leg Armor *
Riding pants or knee guard. Or date till which you will purchase the same
Gloves *
Gloves brand. Or date till which you will purchase the same
Boots *
Boots brand. Or date till which you will purchase the same
The following points constitute your declaration
● I declare that I am joining the Bulleteers as a rider by my own choice and will.
● I understand that motorcycle riding has its inherent risks and the group or any other rider will not be
responsible for any accident/injury that I sustain during the rides.
● All the information that I have provided above is correct
● I will comply to the safety rules as set by the group and use the mandatory safety gear during rides.
● If I don’t currently own any of the mentioned safety gear items, I will purchase them on or before the
dates committed above
I agree to the declaration completely *
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