The Hollywood Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe selected by venue producers, based on artistic merit, commercial potential and development interest. The extensions immediately follow the HFF2021 and run through September in participating fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press, awards and extensions.

This year we're excited to be working with the NYC Encore Series in helping them select shows for their festival later this year.

Past Hollywood Encore winners have gone on to further extensions in LA, around the country and the world.

Some of these productions included Pulp Shakespeare, Pokemusical, Sunny Afternoon, My Penis in and Out of Trouble, Bad Arm, The Birthday Boys, Take Me To the Poorhouse, The Devil and Billy Markham, I am Google, Who Loves You Baby, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Meet & Greet.

To be Considered for the ENCORES:

Your production must be a registered participant of the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival and have at least 3 performances, including press week. (ENCORE venues can override this rule, if they choose)

Your production must be in an HFF Venue, at this point we aren't sure about livestreaming shows only, but if you are interested, please fill out this form.

Your production must be available for at least one date during the THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD schedule, which immediately follows the Fringe and runs through July.

Your production must prove artistic merit, as well as commercial viability.

You agree to provide complimentary tickets to Encore Producers during the HFF2021.

Participants are responsible for all production costs, tech support, and box office support.

Interested participants must register by completing the Submission form.

Applying does not guarantee show will be viewed for consideration.

Rules my change by official announcement.

DEADLINE TO APPLY – Non at this time. Final decisions made by venues, before 8/29.

If you are selected:

Selected shows will be officially announced at the Fringe Awards ceremony on August 29th.

Selected shows will get at least one performance as part of the THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD following the Fringe festival in September. Typically extensions are one to two performances, but longer runs are possible.

Shows will have the opportunity for one technical rehearsal in the performance space if transferring from another venue.

Participating venues agree to no cash up front,

A No Comp Policy may be in affect as stated by each venue.

Venues can further negotiate with participants.

Rules are subject to change.



Email any questions to mquinn@theaterasylum.com
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The Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe as selected by venue producers based on artistic merit and commercial potential. The extensions immediately follow the HFF2018 and run through July in participating fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press and awards following HFF18.  Rules and information are available at http://theencores.weebly.com or mail any questions to mquinn@theaterasylum.com.
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Pick of the Fringe are 60-90 min shows occurring throughout the HFF21, streaming online.  Each show is a variety of HFF projects, presenting 7-10 minutes of their piece, selected by veteran theater producers. Co-produced with Fringe Management.  Selected shows must have 7-10 minutes of video to present at the time of the show.
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